Best Exterior Paint for Landed House Singapore

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Painting something outside is one of the most precarious home improvement ventures you can do. Outside paint needs to face the discipline of sun, downpour, wind, and other climate once it dries. To try and put it on in any case, you need a couple of long stretches of good, quiet climate to paint and let it dry.

On the off chance that you have never utilized outside paint or you aren’t sure what kind to use for your next open air venture, there are two or three interesting points before choosing which paint to utilize. To locate the correct outside paint, you first need to realize what surface you are painting. Outside paints can for the most part deal with numerous kinds of surfaces, however they may have constraints or diverse readiness and application methods. Most paints will either be for siding, dividers, and wall, or various kinds of deck and ground surfaces.

Gate, doors and door frame paints are also different.

You will likewise need to pick among latex and oil-based paint. Latex is simpler to work with and can dry in as meager as two hours in great climate. Oil-based is generally more strong yet can take more time to dry. To assist you with finding the ideal paint for the activity, we investigated the best outside paints available at the present time.

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  1. Nippon Weatherbond

Nippon Paint Weatherbond is specially formulated to protect your home against the elements.

This durable exterior wall paint gives your exterior walls a tough yet lustrous finish. With strong resistance to dirt, algae and fungus, Weatherbond exterior wall paint also guards against fading and chalking, keeping facades looking new for longer. Nippon Paint Weatherbond is regarded as a high performance exterior paint that effectively protect homes from weathering and surface dirt accumulation.


We live in a tropical country, where extreme changes of weather cannot be avoided. Our weather can fluctuate from 27 degree celcius to 35 degree celcus with extreme weather beating down on us one minute and the next, sudden heavy downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning.  Overtime, these extreme weather changes and slight movements of the ground can result in the appearance of hairline cracks on the exterior wall/ Through these cracks, rain and moisture seep in, damaging the walls which results in peeling, fungus and ugly black patches.

Use Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx TM to cover these cracks.

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