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False Ceiling

Price for False Ceiling
Price subject to change based on complexity

  • $$2.5 to 3.5/sqft
  • L BOX (300mm) - 9.75 psf
  • L BOX (300mm) - 9.75 psf
  • L BOX (400mm) - 11.25 psf
  • L BOX for PLC down light T5 (300mm) - 11.25 psf
  • L BOX for PLC down light T5 (450mm) - 14.25 psf
  • U Shaped Light Box to fix light and box up pipe + wire - $12 pfr
  • Light cove to conceal fluorescent tube - $14.25 pfr

Parition Wall Install

Price per sqft
Subject to change based on complexity

  • $$3.5 to 4/psft
  • Regular drywall partition - $3.3 psf
  • Acoustic drywall partition - $4.3 psf
  • 1 hour fire rated partition - $6 psf
  • 2 hour fire rated partition - $9 psf

IMPORTANT: BRO / SIS, we do NOT charge GST so the above price is 100% final and guaranteed!!!

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Frequent Wall Plastering Questions

False ceiling in Wet Zones such as kitchen and bathroom are not of concern. In fact, most condominiums have them in their bathrooms to conceal the services above them.

However, do note that it is recommended to use a minimum standard of moisture resistance plasterboard as material as the standard plasterboard are not as resistant to water

There are no standard heights. False ceiling are quite flexible in design and can be customised to your preference.

However, HDB do have a general guideline of not less than 2.4m.


The use of plasterboard for home renovations is more of an accepted industry standard nowadays as gypsum board is more expensive material.

In terms of finishing, gypsum and plasterboard actually looks the same after painting and you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Gypsum board are more environmentally friendly and in a contractor’s point of view, is more efficient in installation and produce less mess as compared to plasterboard.


There are many false ceiling designs that are popular as everyone have their individual preferences. Covelight seems to be the mainstay as it provides alternative accent lighting effect.

Multiple factors are involved while calculating the cost of false ceiling per sq. ft. These include:

Design: More complex the design of the false ceiling, the costlier it gets.

Size: The price is low for a larger ceiling area as the materials required can be purchased at wholesale prices in bulk.

Quality: If you go for high-quality materials, it is pricier. But as high-quality materials are durable, it has a higher return on investment (ROI).

Availability: If the materials you are using are easily available in the market, transportation and logistic costs can be cut.
Additional cost: This includes the cost of finishes, fittings, cutting, lighting, accents etc.

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