Colours to NEVER choose for HDB

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You have read our post on trending colour combinations 2020 for hdb painting, now learn what NEVER to paint your walls with!

Whether you are getting a house for the first time or repainting your house, these are the cardinal sins you should never commit when painting your house!

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Standard way of thinking has it that white is the best shading to paint a little room. In any case, The Spruce contends that you ought to quite paint a little room white. The motivation behind why? While white can light up dull spaces, it can likewise stress the boxiness of a little room, by making the shadows and corners more self-evident — something contrary to what you need in a restricted space.

You shouldn’t assume your dividers ought to be white. Rather, he prompts a dull charcoal dark, which, shockingly, can “truly open up the space.”

2. RED

We also suggest against painting a little space red. That is on the grounds that red can get somewhat exceptional for a little room.

The vitality and warmth of red can warm up a little room and leave you feeling overpowered and awkward. Red is better left as a shading accent for a little space.

A solid shading, similar to red, can wind up causing a lot to notice itself in a little space, regardless of whether that is your front room or your restroom. In any case, we’d particularly inform staying away concerning red in a little room, where you’ll presumably need something significantly additionally quieting.


Bright colours are precarious to use in any home, however particularly in little spaces.

You should avoid orange when painting a little room. Cheap fast food chains use hues like orange in the their advertising. That is on the grounds that those hues cause individuals to feel hungry.

Whatever feels too electric or energetic will quickly cause the space to feel little and modest and ricochet light around bad.


You shouldn’t utilize yellow when painting a little space either. A brilliant yellow can function as a complement on an entryway. Be that as it may, you should reconsider before utilizing it for a whole room.

Whenever utilized in a room that is marginally too huge and more lived-in, it very well may be overpowering, keeping one from noticing different things like furnishings or trim itemizing.

Something very similar can occur in the event that it is abused in a room. We love the dynamic tint, yet be careful, this shading isn’t for weak willed and ought to be utilized with some restraint.”


Lighter dividers and lighter floors do consequently give the deception of more space.

If you at first become hopelessly enamored with a shading that glances excessively dim in the room, you can generally evaluate a lighter shade.

That way, you can go with the shading you like, without the danger of make the space look more tight than it truly is.


In a small space, dull colours add to the smallness of your rooms.

Be sure to go with something brighter, sharper and more distinct, not just for your walls but also for your furniture.


On the flip side, beware when going with sharp colors. Colors that are too trendy may work against you in the long run.

You want a color that has longevity and can stand the test of time. Beware against colors that are trendy, especially in close quarters or in the bedrooms.

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