Nippon vs Dulux Paint for HDB

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Nippon Paint VS Dulux, which one is better? After renovation, the biggest next step for your home is the painting, whether outside or inside.

Painting, although simple, is such a key component as it gives you the opportunity to light up the home. Tragically, however, the rush to finish renovations often cause less than ideal results.

For a great paint job, you have to understand that painting isn’t just about plunging your brush in paint and rolling it on the wall. A considerable amount of thought needs to go into picking hues, colour matching, and above all, which brand of paint. (How much paint is needed? Calculate how much paint you need for HDB painting here.)

In Singapore, there are numerous brands of paint for renovation. However, just a handful stand out above the rest.

Nippon and Dulux are by far the most popular paint brands chosen as they show individual unique qualities not found in other brands.

Let’s look at what makes each of these paint brands unique and see which best fits your needs!

Nippon Paint

Choosing Nippon Paint is an amazing choice for both exterior and interior paint for the following reasons;

  1. Quality of Materials: The paint is prepared using a mix of modern science and innovation, especially in the finishing to guarantee a high quality finish. (PS: did you know one of SG’s richest person is the Nippon Paint boss?)
  2. Care for the Environment: Paints are often accused as one of the main culprits behind ecological ozone degradation. Fortunately, Nippon is manufactured using less degrading elements that DO NOT harm the o-zone layer.
  3. Cooling of Rooms: Singapore can turn out to be sweltering hot in the middle of the year, making occupants uncomfortable. Using a layer of Nippon paint for your walls can help to bring down temperatures and keeps you cool.
  4. Wide Range of Colours: With Nippon paint, you have hundreds of alternatives to browse, allowing you to appreciate the myriad of hues you need without compromising on quality.
  5. Strong and Durable: In terms of durability, Nippon paint is reliable for extensive stretches of time without wear and tear. Of course, this is on the assumption that they are painted on primer and sealer that bonds well to the wall surface.
  6. Wallet Friendly: This paint is favored as the practical choice for Singaporean clients on a tight budget. Because of its thin surface application, Nippon is anything but difficult to apply, allowing you to set aside cash that could have been spent on thicker alternatives.

Nippon has a variety of products to choose from, including Matex White, Vinilex 5000, Bodelac 9000, Weatherbond and more.

The paints are quick drying, allowing you to get move in quickly and reduces the odds of staining your cloth and furniture.

Nippon paints are also amazingly easy to clean compared to different brands. Just a little water is enough to get stains out within a few hours of paint.

Dulux Paint

Dulux Paint is also immensely popular in Singapore due to its accessibility and quality.

Ask any hardware shop in Singapore and no doubt Dulux will be one of the first few brands referenced.

Here are a few reasons why;

  1. Low VOC and scent: Dulux paint contains very low VOC chemicals, making it durable in any environment. This is especially useful for individuals with sensitive nose and sinuses.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: It is ecologically friendly and free of unsafe elements like mercury and lead.
  3. Wide Colour Range: Just like Nippon paint, Dulux also has a large colour range for you to choose from for a picture perfect completion.
  4. Antibacterial Properties: Dulux scope of paints has solid antibacterial properties just as mould and fungus resistance
  5. Easy to wash up: In contrast to other brands, it is anything but difficult to wash off Dulux paint stains from furniture without harming the paintwork.
  6. Smooth Application: The paints spread effectively and easily, allowing you to cover more surface without wasting any paint.

The correct paint brand is only the first step – sometimes even with using the correct brand, results are not up to standard. This is often because of poor practices such as mixing paint and poor paint application. For the best outcomes, you ought to get a professional painter to assist you.

Paints come in differing price points and you have to make a budget plan to balance price and quality when purchasing paint. Try to evaluate the paint seller before making a purchase to guarantee that you get the best value for money.

Nippon versus Dulux paint

That said and done, you can proceed to paint! Pick the correct brush and take care of business. At this point let the paint dry after the first coat, and apply another coat if needed. Professional painters charge some fees, however if you can’t carry out the task yourself, it is a small price to pay for quality. Try not to purchase old paint that has remained excessively long on the shelf as it may be less adhesive and thinner in quality.

Regardless, you should also consider whether to use a sealer or primer before painting.

Odourless paints are the most ideal decision for structures wherein individuals have breathing issues or schools with little children. It is likewise insightful to pick paints that are easywash and if foreseeable stains on the walls are expected.

Read the paint instructions cautiously so you mix it in with the correct items to guarantee a smooth finish.

On the off chance that you can’t be at the physical outlet of a paint store, simply visit their site on the web and make inquiries that you need replied before making the buy. 

The online store can likewise assist you with picking the best brand and colour without going out. Make sure spread out a plastic sheet over your valuable things and paint away to prevent splattering. 

Absence of excessive splatter, smell, and stains and simple application are the marks of a professional paint brand.

Need a professional painter? Reach out to us at or whatsapp us at 97341484 for a free quotation, best price guaranteed!

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