Paint for HDB Gate / Door / Door Frame

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Numerous HDB proprietors or land proprietors will have metal door or grill that was last painted quite a while in the past and require a fresh look.

As the metal grill is open and close day by day, the high use and causes the paint to easily wear off and require repainting work after a year.

You may consider the below tips on how to repaint it and do it without anyone else’s help, or hire an experienced painter to do it for you.

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Paint to Use: nippon Bodelac 5000

With its striking, intense colours, this brilliant super gloss enamel paint makes it easy to give metals a warm glow, or wood a cool, glossy finish. Providing excellent coverage and fungus resistance, Bodelac 9000 is perfect for use on primed wood and metal surfaces, both internally and externally.

Super gloss and matt finishes for wood & metal surfaces

Good hiding power


Protects against corrosion

Excellent adhesion to wood & metal surfaces

Long-lasting colours

Easy to apply


No Lead or Mercury added

Planning Work for Metal Gate or Grill Painting: Checking the surface and condition

Is the paint surface and metal door or metal grill are in acceptable condition? Any corroded surface or paint stripping off? On the off chance that the appropriate response is indeed, you may need to eliminate or scrap off the free paint and corroded area appropriately. It tends to be done in restrict or eliminate the current paint with paint remover operator.

Clean the Surface of the Gate/Grill

The outside of the metal entryway will be spotless appropriately and liberated from stain, residue or oil. After the free paint has been eliminated, use sandpaper to sand down likewise.

Apply Primer ( Zinc-Chromate) to Gate/Grill

In the event that the current paint surface is corroded or after eliminate the paint, the uncover metal is uncovered, do have any significant bearing one layer of groundwork to ensure and consumption opposition the metal surface.

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Apply Acrylic Oil Paint ( Gloss) to Gate/Grill

Select the shading you need and apply the acrylic oil paint with brush or paint roller on a superficial level.

Restoring Time ( Wet Paint)

Do permit surface restoring time, least of 4 hours for the wet paint time frame. Stop others to contact the wet paint.

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