Removing wallpaper before HDB Painting

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Maybe your child has grown out of the kiddy wallpaper in the nursery. Possibly you purchased a house that hasn’t been refreshed since wallpaper was stylish. Whatever the explanation, when you can’t stand a specific wallpaper, it’s an ideal opportunity to eliminate it.

Figure out how to eliminate wallpaper securely, and how to paint the wall underneath.

Stage 1: Prepare the Space

This is an obvious step, however you’d be shocked by the number of individuals who skip it. Setting aside the effort to prepare your space before you start will guarantee you won’t ruin different parts of your home – or be compelled to stop in your wallpaper eliminating groove. Eliminate blinds, outlet covers, and work of art. Lay a drop material down on the zone where you will working.

Stage 2: Test the Wallpaper’s Adhesion

Beginning at a corner or crease, strip the wallpaper away from the surface. On the off chance that it comes up effectively and doesn’t tear the basic drywall paper, you might have the option to just force the wallpaper away from the whole wall.

Stage 3: Make the Solution

On the off chance that Step 2 doesn’t work, fill a siphon sprayer most of the way with heated water from your sink and the other half with soap water. You can likewise include cleansing agent if your wallpaper gets hard to eliminate. A 1:1 blend of water to conditioner should work.

Stage 4: Spray the Walls

Utilizing your siphon sprayer, immerse the wallpaper, splashing the walls equally. When the wallpaper starts to bubble, you can start eliminating the wallpaper. (You can likewise lease a liner and use it to mellow wallpaper glue.)

Stage 5: Remove the Wallpaper

With a wide scraper, scratch the wallpaper. Start at the creases and gurgling segments. Be mindful so as not to gouge the wall surface. In the event that you have obstinate wallpaper, you may need to rehash the above cycle a few times. Rehash until you’ve completed the room.

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Stage 6: Clean up the Leftovers

You’ll probably need to manage buildup. Make a blend of boiling water and a limited quantity of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP). Utilize the blend with a huge wipe, and wipe down the walls. Shower or wipe your walls with clean water one last time. Let the walls sit for a couple of days to totally dry.

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Stage 7: Get Started Painting

You’re now ready to paint!

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