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Discover How You Can Finally Achieve BOTH Quality Painting & Lowest Price Quote – Guaranteed

“Where to get a good painter at reasonable price?”

To many Singaporeans looking to successfully transform their home sweet home, BOTH workmanship and price are their two main concerns.

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that most had to sacrifice workmanship to not burn a hole in their pockets (or vice versa).

Except you don’t have to. 

At Budget Painting SG, we promise you the lowest price quote in the market without compromising on quality – by streamlining our work’s structure (find out how) 


Why Choose Budget Painting SG?

One Of The Lowest Price In The Market

How is it possible to achieve the one of the lowest price in Singapore without compromising quality? No, not by using low quality paint or inexperienced painters. But instead, eliminating the high rental cost of a physical office, working closely with our Malaysian staffs, and having flexible work schedules with our in-house painters. The result? As low as $250 to paint an ENTIRE room.

100% Quality Assurance & Workmanship

Rest assured that every painter has at least 3 – 5 years of professional painting experience. Also, our team follows a fixed set of standard protocols during painting process, such as double-checking of colours, careful shifting of furniture, and painting of bedrooms first. But the best part is, our team will NEVER leave until you’re 100% satisfied with the result – even if we have to work through the night.

Finish In As Fast As 1 Day

Got an urgent painting job that needs to be done in just 1 day? Our company will bring in as many professional painters as needed to complete the job on time. Of course, without compromising on workmanship. Oh, did we forget that you’ll also receive a free 1-Week Touch-Up? (just in case you feel there’re some minor parts to be improved on)

No Hidden Fee

We meant what we say, as according to the fixed price quote given to you – without GST, company fees, interior design fees, agent fees or middleman fees. In fact, you can be sure that all items included within the fixed price quote will be made transparent to you. Even better? If we discover that more paint is needed to complete the job, we will never charge you an extra cent for it. Extra colour paint will also be returned to you.

Our Limited-Time UNBEATABLE Lowest Price GUARANTEED

Still not convinced by our price promise?

Well, from 1st November 2020 to 1st February 2021, you get to take advantage of our ‘UNBEATABLE Lowest Price GUARANTEED Promo’.

If you already have a price quote, simply show it to us and we’ll beat it by 10% lower!

Yes, for a limited time, you can now truly enjoy BOTH quality and an (even-lower) price.

What Is In Your Promo Package?

  • 2> Coats Of New, High Quality Nippon Paint (Colour & Type To Be Determined After Consultation)
  • Free Painting Of Ceiling
  • New Plastic Protection For Furniture, Flooring, Cabinet, Lights, TV
  • Free Shifting Of Furniture Before & After
  • Free Delivery Of Paint & Full Clean up Thereafter
  • Free Removal Of Stains With Turpentine
  • Complimentary Touch Up (1 Week From Job)
  • Labour Contract



Witness Our Customers’ Home Transformation

More Reasons To Choose Us

We Care – No Matter How Small Or Big The Job Is

You may or may not know that some companies only accept big jobs to cover their high costs. At Budget Painting SG, we deliver on both workmanship and price, no matter it’s a toilet, a door, or just pipe painting.


Consistent Updates From Us

You never have to doubt if we can arrive on time or whether the job can be done within the timeframe. Our team of professional painters constantly keeps you updated, be it buying of paint, travel time or painting progress.


Long-Lasting Finish With Authentic Nippon Paint

With >30 years of painting experience in the industry, Budget Painting SG promises you top quality, reliable and affordable paint with not only authentic Nippon paint, but skilled workmanship.


Hear From More Customers


New Homeowner

Looking for a long-lasting, quality set of paint to kick-start a new, exciting life? Or maybe you want a set of matching colours for your new resale flat? Look no further than our professional team of painters and affordable price quote!


Existing Homeowners

You don’t have to put up with that crack or mould on the walls and ceiling anymore. Finally transform your home in as fast as 1 day without breaking your wallet! That kid’s drawing and smug on the wall? Gone as well.



Yes. Simply fill in the form and for a limited time only, we can quote 10% cheaper.

Our painters can complete the job in as fast as 1 day. However, for larger jobs that require scaffolding, a pre-agreed timeline will be set before painting.

No, our price quote is fixed. To cover the cost of new paint and to reserve our painter’s slot, a 20% deposit will be collected before painting.

Yes, we do. You will gain instant access to our price list for the paint on the next page.

While we highly recommend Nippon high quality paint for long-lasting finish, we are agreeable to using your paint brand.

Yes. We also provide:

  • Painting of House (walls and ceiling)
  • Minor Patch Work (smaller than 50 cents size)
    Large Patch Work (palm size and above)
    Painting of Kitchen or Toilet Pipes
    Painting of Door Frames and/or Door
    Sealer for House

About Budget Painting SG

At Budget Painting SG, we believe in bringing you affordable,
reliable and professional house painting services that is pocket friendly.


Finally Transform Your House – With Probably The Best Deal You Can Ever Get!

As you can see, you can give your home a fresh, new look while achieving BOTH quality and price.

We stand by our quality and price assurance to you, backed with 30+ years of professional painting experience in the industry.

Still don’t believe us? No worries. Fill in the form and see our price quote and promise for yourself! (ALL at zero cost to you)

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