Sealer for Painting HDB – Yes or No?

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Sealer or primer is principally utilized when you are living in another home (which means you are the main proprietor), or when you have a divider that is inclined to dampness, will you need sealer or primer for divider or roof painting administrations.

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From our painting encounters, the greater part of the Singapore homes won’t generally need sealer, yet we do have a few clients demanding utilizing sealant for their dividers and our painting temporary worker will once in a while demand in utilizing after the on location seeing for painting.

Be sure to fix wall cracks or holes in your HDB before painting.

Here are our exhort when you should need to utilize sealant:

1) New Homes or House.

Why new homes or houses need to utilize sealer is on the grounds that sealer will kill the antacid on the dividers before painting.

2) Moist Walls or Ceilings.

Have you ever had your dividers paint and following hardly any months after the fact, there are stains on your recently painted dividers or roofs, or even begin to strip off? It’s a typical sight and we had this experience previously. At the point when this happens then you should utilize the sealant to keep the dampness from assaulting the new paint over once more.

3) Old Homes or Houses.

This is the point at which the homes or houses are more than 20 years of age, it will be acceptable to utilize the sealer.

There are two kinds of sealer, oil based sealer and water based sealer.

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