Removing Mould from Wall / Ceiling for HDB – 3 Steps

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It’s during this season that condensation shows up in the home. The mix of warm inside, the cool, sodden climate outside and an absence of ventilation – on the grounds that, let’s be honest, who needs to open their windows to give the nippy air access throughout the winter?! – is regularly the reason for buildup in the home and, at last, soggy walls.

This is particularly common in toilets / bathrooms and frequently brings about rotten, fuzzy or down-right gross washroom walls. Truly, soggy can get under the paint in the washroom and cause lumps of paint to gather off the walls. Couple this with spots of shape everywhere on the walls and your washroom begins to look quite appalling! Let’s be honest nobody needs decrepit walls ruining the appearance of their new restroom suite! So here are our tips for clearing sogginess and flaky paint when the shape has grabbed hold:

Step by step instructions to REMOVE Mould BEFORE PAINTING:


Scratch off the flaky paint utilizing a modest stripping blade or a three-sided shavehook. Make certain to scratch all the pieces away, brush down the walls, at that point vacuum them up so they don’t adhere to the new paint! It will look a great deal more awful to begin with however we guarantee you that it’s justified, despite all the trouble!

If you are removing wallpaper from your wall, check out our article on how to remove wallpaper before painting your HDB wall.


Stir up an answer of 2 sections dye with 10 sections water in a splash bottle (an unfilled cleaning shower jug will do) and spritz the sanitizer water onto the walls to slaughter the form.

This is actually the ingredients you’ll discover inside expensive anti mould spray so simply stir up your own, yet be extremely cautious when spraying on the grounds because any sprinkles back on your garments will dye them – wear something old that you wouldn’t fret spoiling your clothes!


Allow this to dry fully (presumably overnight while you have a decent rest after such scratching!) and all the mould will have been killed off.

At this point, paint the walls with two layers of glossy silk delicate sheen paint, never utilize matt – which will oppose the buildup in future and any dampness will essentially run off the walls or can be effectively cleaned down with a fabric or old towel. Ensure you are careful when painting that you don’t sprinkle onto the current pieces in your restroom, for example, your shower or toilet!

Before painting be sure to fix any wall or cracks that may appear on your HDB wall.

Also consider using a sealer before painting your HDB wall for proper adhesion and a proper finish.