Trending Colour Combinations 2020 for HDB Painting

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It’s finally time to paint your home! BUT…there are so many different options to choose from! With over 1000 different colour combinations for Nippon and Dulux paints to choose from, how do you decide?

Fret not, we are here to give you a headstart!

But first, make sure to never choose these colours for your HDB!

Choose from our top 10 trending colour combinations for your HDB and you can’t go wrong!


With a mixture of orange and pink, coral is an amazing choice for those bold and unafraid. Coral can be used as an accent color as it adds a splash of life to an otherwise drab scene.

Interestingly, coral is surprisingly diverse. Combine it with some coral plush pillows on your muted gray couch, or even play around with accent wall colors in your living room. You will be happily surprised!


Bring out the soul of Miami with lively tints. For those with hunger for new experiences and a hearty soul, delicate mud paint hues are incredible options in contrast to beiges and browns as they’ll loan any room a specific radiant zing and easygoing tastefulness. Think earthenware, caramel, clove, and consumed orange home inside hues that have more character than any unbiased actually could.

For this inside plan pattern, we recommend going for the most recent paint hues that brag strange takes on earth tones to make any room an element in your home or go for an emphasize divider or backsplash and perceive how adequately the shade can lift a room and your mind-set effortlessly.


In case you’re searching for something somewhat more settled than reefy coral, you’re in luck. Another featured most loved for this new year is Metropolitan, a modern dark white blend for more unpretentious accents.

There is something in particular about this shading that we can’t quit taking a gander at. While from the start it might seem like nothing exceptional, it really conveys an astounding measure of profundity and coolness. The ideal shading to highlight your dim or rosy wood floors and cupboards. You can even utilize it in a couple of accents and embellishments to demonstrate that there’s more than one approach to do grayscale. Monochrome is a shockingly bright palette!


Charcoal blue, ice blue, dim blue, and an exceptionally pale powder blue are incredible alternatives when searching for paint hues that are a long way from consistently yet inconspicuous enough to not assume control over a room.

With an interminable measure of elective blue paint shading thoughts available, there’s no restriction to the quantity of courses you can go with this demanding tone. Simply be certain that any blue home inside hues you go for stay mitigating and extra to dodge a blundering tone that will cause a space to feel littler, more obscure, and stuck in a 80’s nautical time travel.

All in all, while going for tones known to leave a solid beginning effect, restrain it with a more quieted, and unpretentious shading palette to get the longest run from your selection.


Not all color trends are new. Rather, architects take motivation from the past to fill another need and capacity later on. The 1990s saw an ascent in a well known Hunter Green shading. Presently, the last part of the 2010s will begin us off with its new advancement: Dark Green.

Dim tones join with a rich green shading for something that is intense yet all the while unobtrusive. You needn’t bother with a ton of it to have a major effect in your home. It very well may be sprinkled on a highlight divider or even simply utilized in the restroom to have a key effect. This is the thing that makes Dark Green one of the most mainstream 2020 paint drifts this year.


A non-shade of sorts, fog home inside hues may originate from a mix of quieted pastel blue and green with a dim and lilac feeling, however it’s a long way from an easter egg tint.

Rather, think about this shading pattern as a clear canvas for stylistic layout all things considered and styles as its a considerably more fascinating beginning stage than standard beiges and whites, besides, as quieted pastels, a dim tint will attempt to conceal imperfections effortlessly.


Something somewhat unique for this new year, Cavern Clay welcomes all who like striking and dull to come join the party. This brave new shading may help you to remember a portion of the styles and shading decisions of the mid-century current time. Thinking back to the 60s, home originators were immense fanatics of strong and solid hues. In any case, imagine a scenario in which the 60s meets the American desert.

That is the place Cavern Clay comes in. Something somewhat extraordinary for those ready to consider making the plunge. Extraordinary for a complement divider in the passage or the room. Keep in mind, you can generally begin little and learn as you develop. That is the magnificence of paint – there’s nothing of the sort as a misstep!


The ideal dark beige and a rich option in contrast to every single white divider, pewter paint hues give a practically clear canvas that is definitely not flat.

In spite of the fact that it ought to have been a norm before it was shortlisted as outstanding amongst other paint hues for 2019, this is one shading pattern not to be thought little of. Indeed, our inside architects propose taking pewter paint shading thoughts all through your home instead of only one room as its one shade that works with all the fixings, all over.


Regarding the matter of earth tones, earthenware has been picked as outstanding amongst other complement divider hues thoughts for the forthcoming new year. 2020 is apparently enamored with profound characteristic tones, and earthenware surely makes the cut.

It’s rural, it’s warm, it surely contains a great deal of history – there’s such a great amount about earthenware to be appreciated. From inflections and assistants to new office paint thoughts, earthenware is one of the most adaptable paint hues on this rundown today. Furthermore, we are eager to perceive what course this extraordinary shading will go in.


A fascinating name for a color, Night Watch portrays a dim, cozy, rich green. It’s exceptionally dim, and mirrors a temperament of sumptuousness and balance. When requested to depict this shading in a solitary word, numerous specialists replied: “effective”.

Significant is surely the word to portray this exceptional new pattern. Night Watch may not be the primary shading you’d consider picking as a major aspect of your home redesigning plans, however the more you take a gander at it, the more you might have the option to discover room in your home to evaluate this strong and empowering shading.

Numerous property holders compare it to the sentiment of being in a thick woods, or in a profound mystery meeting facilitating significant dignitaries. On the off chance that you need your home to say something, at that point this sort of flighty shading is unquestionably the bearing to control towards.

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