What Is The Best Month To Paint A House?

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The painting of a house is an important decision which one has to make. Fresh paint can change the look of a house completely and people tend to do it to remodel the look of their house. When the painting is done properly then it can for sure improve the aesthetic beauty of your home and also the life span of your house as it protects your house from many things. Painting a house in Singapore is not an easy task and one should choose professional house painters to handle this job.

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What weather conditions are best for painting the exterior of the house?

Weather condition plays a huge role in painting work. A perfect weather condition helps the paint to settle and dry properly and accordingly give them shine and look which you expect. How the paint dries is directly proportional to how nicely weather is co-operating with the paint. The most ideal time for anyone to paint the exterior of the house is warm and dry days. Thus it’s always better to look at the weather and accordingly choose your ideal day in which you can complete your painting work. Always make sure that there is not even a 1% chance of rain, rain will not only destroy everything you did but also they will increase the time as you have to wait then to let the surface dry then only you can apply paint.

Also, paints are very sensitive and will not set properly even if there is a sudden temperature drop from the morning to evening. Thus make sure you complete the task on time and at a given ideal temperature. Thus we can say that summer and early summer days are very much ideal to paint the exterior of your house. Contact Budget Painting SG for calling professional house painting services that are well experienced to give you a shining paint for your house.

What should you avoid doing?

Painting is not an easy task there are many considerations one has to make in order to get the job done perfectly. Following are some situations which you must avoid in all possible way in order to get the painting job done perfectly:

Avoid wet climate

Never ever paint when you have any expectation of rain, a wet climate will not only destroy what hard work you did. But also it can delay your painting job as you need to wait then for the perfect weather and the surface to dry as they will be wet and will take time to dry. Thus before you start any painting job especially the exterior of the house then always make sure there is no possibility of any kind of rain.

Always avoid unacceptable climate

Don’t even try to paint if there is unfavorable weather outside of your house especially if you are planning to paint the exterior of the house. Unfavorable climate such as winters or cold climate will not allow the paint to dry properly and can even disturb the texture of the paint. If you are not a professional and don’t know anything about painting then it’s always better to call a professional House Painters which can guide you for proper painting procedures. Professional advice is always beneficial as they know when and how a painting job should be done and what re the ideal conditions for anyone to carry a house painting job.

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Avoid any kind of Intercoat Peeling

The inter coat paint should be perfect and should coat the whole wall evenly. Usually, this issue occurs when inexperienced workers do the job. To avoid intercoat peeling, it is significant to prepare the surfaces properly before painting.

  • Clean the walls thoroughly before the paint
  • Use primer that is compatible with the surface
  • Use paint that is compatible with the primer
  • don’t paint on a wet surface

Avoid the following situations at all costs in order to get the best results for your house exterior. If you are still not sure about painting your house on your own then Budget Painting SG are always available to help you. Contact us today for getting the best House Painting Services for you and experience the benefit of our professional house painters